I thought the journey would end when I reach the top of the mountain. But I was wrong; because it was just the beginning of my inner experience with an ancestral giant.

It was afternoon and the sky was wearing some grey white clouds. I could see the shadows of clouds moving on the plain landscape. From here I could see a small village deep down lying on the landscape which met the sky at the end. From the hill all looked so silent and calm, though I knew down there, somewhere would be a laughter of child echoing through the sky, may a sigh making the surrounding heavier, a song that revoking old memories or the flowers in the garden are blooming. But from top of hill everything was still and silent.

In the sky a big grey cloud was crossing over the hill. The splendor of the sun appeared from the edge of the big grey cloud and created a thin lines in the air that became wider and vanished after a distance. Suddenly a chirp of an unknown bird awakened me. The silence become more intense. Suddenly a gang of wind was hit on my face.  The whistling wind, the swaying clouds, the warm rays of the sun, all of it created a cosmic dance.  I felt myself to be so small, in this whole dance, but I was also contented, full of joy. No sooner, the little droplets started their journey down the clouds and made the atmosphere whole more romantic and I immediately fell in love with it

While the winds rush through the mountain I felt it  presence with my whole body; it was no more of the air that passed by, rather it was the whispers of ancestral giant. The hush of blow appeared as flow of records. It was revealing its memories with me. Like a song, it started flew in the sky, like a drama. A play of  love, hate, pain and joy. Slide by slide one after another.  Suddenly I realized it was always flowing from eternal like a never ending river.

That day I discovered a special bond with the hill though I had never ever been here. But we were bonded with each other with an invisible tie. I  could sense the mountain’s thoughts and when I walked by it, I felt care of the hill. It was not gravity that prevented me from falling while walking on the rocky road but it was its love towards me. Realization dawned on me that I was always a part of it as just it was mine. Its whispers were never lost but had got buried deep inside my heart, by busy sands that flowed from my city life.

A sudden spark of light fell on my face as the cloud moved away and the sun again appeared in its full glory. It was a  sign that the time has come take a move towards my destination with the unforgettable memories residing in my heart.

~~ Dipa Rani (23-Sep-11) 

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