The Garden.

Viewing the garden was perhaps the most wonderful moment of my day. It contained a wide variety of flowers but the roses seemed to be the specialty.

Thankfully it was on the way to my office. So, everyday I paused for a while to have a look over it. The freshness of the fragrance and beauty of the flowers always gave me a pleasant memory for the rest of the day.

As days turned into weeks I began to wonder who took care of them so well. Then one day I was late for work and I discovered a middle-aged man was taking care of it.

Then I began to notice him more often as he spent his time taking care of each and every plant.

From talking to others about the garden and the man I learned that he was not friendly. In fact he had gained a reputation for being rude to people who asked him for a flower. It seems he had only love for his garden and for no one else. People said they never saw him relaxing; he was working so dedicatedly to make the garden beautiful day by day.

His dedication, rudeness and the garden made my curiosity high to know more about him.

I learned the garden belonged to a rich man and he was living there with his family, wife and a daughter.

One spring day, while passing by the garden I saw a rose, a dark red rose. It was just after a rain and it sparkled like a diamond. I decided this time to talk to him. He was little surprise at my compliments and instead of being rude; he gave me the rose and even asked me back.

On a later visit I asked, “Sir, at the risk of inquiring too deeply into your private life, I would like to ask a question.”

“Ask, and then I will answer.”

“Sir, why is this garden so important to you?”

“You really don’t understand do you?”

“I have heard that you have refused to give even one flower, Sir. Is it just a matter of one flower?”

“Didn’t I give you the Tanelorak you ask for?”

“Oh, is that the name? Yes sir. And that makes me curious also.”

“I gave you the rose because I was told to. The purpose I serve this garden is not for the flowers. The things I do I can’t help but do. The purpose is for the one I serve. For this purpose the presence of every flower in this garden is most important. I can’t break his rule.”

“Now who create the rule, the master of the Garden? Just for his pleasure, right?”

“No child, I’m talking about the creator. God.”

“God? You want to please God by keeping this garden beautiful and by not sharing the flowers?”

“No. The garden is not to please God. With God we have to do what he wants from us.”

Suddenly a girl appeared. She looked to be nearly 10 years old. I guessed she was daughter of the rich man whose this garden belonged. She ignored my presence and just touched softly the flowers, looked at them with amazement and happiness. Her eyes sparkled when she looked around her. It seemed that she was The Princess of her kingdom, the garden. I noticed she was frail and ill. After just a little while she looked tired and went back to the house.

The gardener seeing my concern said “She is dying.” I was shocked. He said “I’m working on God’s wish to keep her happy. To let her feel the happiness and reduce the pain she is going through. I can’t compromise on her happiness and I can’t cheat on my duties.” I saw a tear in his eyes? I didn’t know what to say. I left with a heavy heart.

I was again late for work, but that day I left with a message I felt was from God himself, “The purpose each of our lives is different. Every one has their own special route to serving God. There is no small or big work. The only thing that matters is a pure will to serve God.”

By Dipa Rani
Edited by : Bobby Burcham

Note:: This story published in Kojal, 2008, online bangali magazine, Hyderabad  

Something About Love.

Sangeeta held her newborn son to her breast tightly whispering in his ear ‘I’m here to take care of you. You will never have to worry’. She kissed his forehead and held the tiny hands into her palm. Then she saw Rakesh coming with a smile. He was overwhelmed and happy. He was a father now. He felt even more love towards his wife. He hugged her and whispered ‘Our baby, we have done it, love you’, and kissed her forehead. He held the baby tightly in his arms and was lost gazing ntil Sangeeta brought him back.

Sangeeta has previously thought of the name ‘Alex’ for her baby boy. Rakesh liked it somehow although he never cared whether it goes well with his religion, but who cares? Rakesh has been open to new ideas. He was filled with wonder about his newborn. A tiny body, just like a piece of flesh and he felt like his part of soul in it. It was a wonderful experience for him. He was so thrilled that he would do anything for Sangeeta who gave him such a precious gift.

He asked Sangeeta whether he can take Alex to his friends who had been waiting outside the labor room. Sangeeta smiled and nodded her head. After he was gone, she relaxed and got the time of thinking about herself. She was filled with emotions and tears from the eyes giving her a satisfaction of fulfilling a secret dream.

She looked through the window, it was a cloudy sunny day that reminded her of a picture sent by Alex – her Soul-Mate whom she met on internet. They became very close and intimate and discovered the miracle of love together. They shared their love, pains, songs and thoughts.

Alex was native of Brazil. He was a journalist. His passion was writing about life and love. He was aspiring to be professional writer. Sangeeta got in touch after she read one of his articles about ‘Soul Mate’. The article touched her. She felt it was only written for her, she felt she knew this person for quite a long time. Out of curiosity she sent him an email with few of her work samples and got an immediate response. In this way their relationship had grown up.

They used to write everyday to each other, sometime about their feelings for each other or just a daily work schedule or about rain or just about a sad day. Writing email to each other became an essential part of their daily routine. As the time passed they felt deeper in each other. They were so happy to see a tiny email from the other. They started thinking about the other all the time. Suddenly everything became meaningful in their life. It became so lovely and wonderful that they started enjoying it fully with laughter and joy. Their spirit went high. Symptoms were clear of love. But as the time passed by the love for each other made a huge void in their life. They started missing each other so much that they wanted to be together for forever and finally decided to meet. They were quite excited and started counting days. They started to PLAN the things. If everything is going for as per your plan then there was a mistake in the plan itself. But the plan was OK and something gone wrong……

Sangeeta suddenly lost all the contacts with Alex. He just disappeared. She got no reply to her emails to him, his phone number was invalid suddenly. She was very much worried and everyday she used to wait madly for Alex to come online. She was nearly going crazy. Her tears stopped listening to her as they flowed continuously through her cheeks. She started thinking of something worse until she got a letter from Alex out of the blue.

The letter made her worst fear come true. It was a declaration of end of her love, her dreams, her hopes and her life. Her love was going to die soon as Alex was suffering from cancer. He barely had two months to live. Alex was very sorry for what happened, he was totally broke up and gathered the strength to write a letter to her. He wanted her to understand his love towards Sangeeta and asked for a favor. He wanted to see Sangeeta married at least before he dies. He has always dreamt of Sangeeta wearing a bengali bridal dress, clad in red saree and vermillion on her forehead.

Sangeeta burst out completely and requested Alex to allow her to come once and meet him for the last time. Alex couldn’t say NO as he wanted to see her before he said goodbye to this world.

They met. Not in a garden or in a romantic place as they planned but at the hospital where Alex was counting his last breath. Alex was trying to smile hard but Sangeeta couldn’t control her tears. Sangeeta hugged him tightly and cried out as loud as she could.

It had been two years now since she met Alex, but she could still recall his last words as if they were yesterday.

“I want you to know that I feel that if God has decided to take my life. But I would yield my life if I was confined that my love for you would live on in the heart of another.”

Sangeeta believed on his love, on miracle they once shared. Today after giving birth she knew what Alex wanted from her. To keep the sweet memories of Alex alive in her life she named her son after him. She thought by this way she can fulfill his unfulfilled dreams, loving Alex was a passion for her, she wanted to wipe off all the pained memories and lighten up a new future. Now her baby Alex would give energy and the wish to look forward and live. She smiled with tears at the sky and whispered, ‘Alex, see, I kept my promise and I’m going to fulfill your dreams.’

~~~The End~~~

“This story had been published on KOLAJ (Bangali Magazine- Hyderabad)”