What I have learnt in 2018!

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-I need not to be a perfect person to be loved by someone.

-There will be always some people who would hate me despite of all good work I have done for them. And it’s ok.

– My energy is not to waste to impress someone to love me. It doesn’t work in that way. Love comes naturally. We can’t force love.

– Not everyone in this world came here to love or respect me. And that’s ok.

-To give a meaning to my life, I must devote sometime to myself and do things that I love to do.

– It is ok to feel bad, hopeless and experiencing negative emotions at a times. This is part of being human, I accept it.

– Sometimes all things around me make me feel void and empty, and that is ok. Nobody feels positive all the time in life.

– Life doesn’t grant all our wishes, sometimes I must let go few ideas that doesn’t work for me and think of new ones.

– Though I have all rights to look grumpy and tough after 40. I decided to add little Joy on my heart and face whenever I can.

– It’s good idea to laugh and crack jokes on my disappointments. Sometimes it is the best way to cope.

– Live, love and laugh as much as I can, coz everything here comes with an expiry date.

Love that lives..

Remembered an incident from my college days, that times dying for love was a famous concept. There was a boy who was very insecure who fell for a mature girl. Both had shared some beautiful moments. But the girl had to relocate somewhere other town with family. Knowing the love might not last in distance, he offered to end their lives. The girl was smart, she gave a beautiful reply, not the same as those line but similar.



-What is magic?
-When you were standing on top of the mountain
and looked around.
You saw a tiny village,
clouds were crossing the huge amber field.
Blue sky above with half hidden sun.
A soothing breeze,
was playing with lost kite.
And above all you experience a silence.
You were at peace.
Then a thought flashed!
That you have been always a part of the mountain!
The realization was so strong,
that tears rolled down with joy.
And you felt magic. A real magic.