Do I miss you!

  Do I miss you? Missing would be a wrong word, it is more than missing, something like huge time loss, years spent on grief, but most what was eating me was the defeat. Losing to another, my kind, a woman. And that is how I lost it!   It could have been better, if... Continue Reading →

The places I have lived.

My words to keep you alive through my life, You are lost only to find in distance songs, You are buried only to awaken on my memoirs. When I think of you, I may pick- Longest nights of fairy summer, Shortest days of frosty winter, Deepest sobs of rain, And widest fragrance of spring, Of... Continue Reading →


Ocean winds, Blow caution through skeleton.   -- Moon light, Cry over the grave.   -- A child, Scribbles on dairy. -- So here is the news ! I joined Tanka class in Allpoetry and here is my first assignment!  Assignment:- For this assignment write THREE short descriptions, TWO lines each, of anything simple but... Continue Reading →


I'mA flower,A morning dew,         A grace that always flowA bright star,A dark hallow          that you never wish to knowI'mA tearA painA despair that you never desireA faith,A smile,A hope that you count on prayerI'mA fire,An ice,Air that you breath and liveAn aloofA sentimentA friend that one should keepI'mThe... Continue Reading →

Winter Love !!

Winter falls, Sun soften it warmth, Dews fall upon spider webs     making pearl Meadow still in white blanket She hold his hand and whispers   'did I thank you for your kindness and love' 'Yes, my love, every time you smile at me', he whispers back.

If forever is a lie.

On a creamy afternoon,Hurried fairy clouds on bricks walk; When the nature like a distended lass,changing over her cloak from green to autumn.The essence of transformation made wind heavier. Like a sudden awake from dream to reality;A wonder distance beholder of transform,realized nothing is for ever. With a fear of losing his sweetheartThe lad asked his... Continue Reading →

Wind of unknown

Wind of unknown...Your touch has awaken,A forgotten dream of yesterdays,Which was more alive than reality. The dream that fantasized to have               power to reverse the time...               wings to discover unknown...                strength to never let it go... ... Continue Reading →

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