The places I have lived.

My words to keep you alive through my life,
You are lost only to find in distance songs,
You are buried only to awaken on my memoirs.

When I think of you,
I may pick-
Longest nights of fairy summer,
Shortest days of frosty winter,
Deepest sobs of rain,
And widest fragrance of spring,
Of the places I have lived!

How can I forget?
the little bird’s endeavor
– to build his nest on my dormer,
picking the finest twigs and leaves.

I remember,
Komorebi’s play on picnic sport,
Muse’s call on awaken nights,
Nap of a lazy noon on red couch,
And the whispers of hoaxed mists.

Those are aroma of places,
Moments that we breathe,
feels like first love,
keeps coming from past,
lives in the dreams.
The places I have ever lived.


Ocean winds,

Blow caution through skeleton.


Moon light,

Cry over the grave.


A child,

Scribbles on dairy.

So here is the news ! I joined Tanka class in Allpoetry and here is my first assignment! 

Assignment:- For this assignment write THREE short descriptions, TWO lines each, of anything simple but interesting, anything you witness. Just report what you see/experience without any interpretation. Just say what is there and not what you think. For boundaries each line must be no longer than seven syllables. This is not a set pattern but the maximum you can use. If you can use less, so much the better.


A flower,
A morning dew,
         A grace that always flow

A bright star,
A dark hallow
          that you never wish to know

A tear
A pain
A despair that you never desire

A faith,
A smile,
A hope that you count on prayer

A fire,
An ice,
Air that you breath and live

An aloof
A sentiment
A friend that one should keep

The world,
The dream,
The imagination that has no limit

A dust,
A drop,
Or nothing to be taken from or submit

A sky,
A galaxies,
A mystery that you can’t solve

A stream,
An ocean,
A path that has many curves

A sun,
A moon,
Stars that shine high upon the sky

A mermaid,
A fairy that granted wishes and fly

I’m neither illusion nor real……

I’m… I just am….

Winter Love !!

Winter falls,

Sun soften it warmth,

Dews fall upon spider webs

    making pearl

Meadow still in white blanket

She hold his hand and whispers

  ‘did I thank you for your kindness and love’

‘Yes, my love, every time you smile at me’, he whispers back.

If forever is a lie.

On a creamy afternoon,
Hurried fairy clouds on bricks walk;
When the nature like a distended lass,
changing over her cloak from green to autumn.

The essence of transformation made wind heavier. 

Like a sudden awake from dream to reality;
A wonder distance beholder of transform,
realized nothing is for ever.

With a fear of losing his sweetheart
The lad asked his love,
“What if forever is a lie?”

The lover was resting on his chest,
under the open sky; closing her eyes,
held him close and whispered in his ear
“then lets live each moment as last.”

@diparanig All Right reserve 

Written on Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wind of unknown

Wind of unknown…
Your touch has awaken,
A forgotten dream of yesterdays,
Which was more alive than reality.

The dream that fantasized to have
               power to reverse the time…
               wings to discover unknown…
               strength to never let it go…
               faith in light in its absence…

Tonight !! Wind of unknown,
You taught me that,
We do taste heaven in this world,
It’s just the desire of having more,
We trade the precious little moments,
                   with hell like pain of an abandon wish.

Your smile

Your smile
lights up the nights
like a full moon
magical aura
brighten my soul

Your touch

awakes dream
like in a desert
rose blooms
rising lost hope

Your presence
embrace me
like an ocean
drawn the waves
to merge within.

Black Dark Eyes.

Eyes, the black dark eyes,
Follow everywhere I go,
No matter how far, how dark the path is,
Like a destiny, like a curse or luck,
Those eyes always behind me,
Wanted to know what I love,
If mine would like to meet those eyes,
The black dark eyes,

Often ask ‘Do you want to see what I see in yours?

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