An insprirational thought

DRG Memoir.

We often caught in a situation where everything seems so frustrating, when the day doesn’t go so well, fight with dear ones or some emotional roller-coaster.  There are so many reasons to get upset and ruin our day.

And at that point of time we all need a magic to just to feel right. Whenever I feel low, I recall a small conversation of a wise soul ‘Sola’. She is most positive and joyful soul I ever know.

That day I went shopping with Sola. We have a small soap store here.  They sell handmade colorful soaps with very reasonable price. Sola picked around seven soaps instant with various colors and fragments.  Looking at my rolled eyes she smiled and said ‘Oh! You needn’t to give that look my dear, you see, I love smell of soaps but once you get used to it for long then suddenly you can’t…

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