The Bird Flying Event.

One fine day after witnessing the event of bird flying on the sky all Little Mistu wanted was to fly. Mistu shout at her mommy with a smile of the new discovery ‘mommy mommy, bad faying, bad faying’. Then spread her hands and started flapping shouting ‘me faying, me faying’. After a while she realized she was still on the ground. She didn’t understand why she was not flying in spite of all efforts.

Then she thought by herself that she should flap little faster, that might help. So, she flapped her arm faster with voice command ‘fay, fay, fay’. But then nothing worked.

She almost got tears in her eyes and she squeezed her eye brows with frustration. She again looked at her mother. Her mother was smiling at her and offered a hug. Little Mustu ran to hug her back and told herself to try the flying another day.

P.S: This is one of the cute experiences of motherhood! My little angel turned 2 last Dec.

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