I saw, I Learnt

Once a eager to learn pupil asked the Master  ‘What makes you to be happy all the time?’
Master answered  ‘The concept of happiness is very simple, if someone give me 500 bucks I’m happy, I keep it in my pocket, if someone gives me 5 bucks I’m still happy and I keep it in my pocket. Accept and gratitude whatever I receive.’
Pupil: ‘But, what if 500 bucks snatched from you?’
Master: ‘I will be still happy, I still got my LIFE with me to live’. He said ‘No matter how worse the situation is; there are always something you have to be happy about. The choice always yours’

P:S: Image sourced from internet.

I am sharing what ‘I Saw and I Learnt‘ at BlogAdda.com in association with DoRight.in

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