Loki always looks out of his window and thinks there is a better world out there but he doesn’t know how to approach it. It is like he forgot the keys to open himself to this world. He sees the rain drops on his window, they make him cry in sadness or sometime he cries to accompany the sky. He thinks the sky is more closer to him than any human being in this earth. He can talk to sky for longer time without opening his mouth, the sky understands everything about him. He never talk much to people around him, he does often his work quietly, even while he prepares his tea in the morning, he does it very silently and carefully as he might awake someone.

He feels he doesn’t belong to this world but he also doesn’t know where exactly he belongs to. At times when he gets frustrated about unanswered questions, he thinks to kill himself. He thinks that might be the way to reach where he belong and all trouble will come to an end. But he also has fear of death, pain and unknown. He has no trust, no faith but a hallow inside him that he consider bigger than this earth.

When he goes to work he smiles, talk to people when necessary. People think he is a nice positive person. No one aware of his suffering, his confusion and frustration. Nobody knows that he wares a perfect mask  all the time.

~~ The End~~

One thought on “Mask!

  1. I think if Loki has suicidal tendencies he should consut a psychologist without delay :|.

    As for the perfect mask (his so called positive smiling face) then he needs to realize that he has to be grounded in reality and that the answer lies with himself than trying to seek out somewhere else. What I would like to say “instead of trying hard to push the darkness around he needs to light the lamp 'cos pushing the darkness will lead him to bump his head around the walls of the room rather than removing the darkness.”


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