A Little Bird & Morning Dew!!

A Little Bird:

If only I can live a life of dew

A life in stillness, no hunger to feed
A life in silence, nothing to heed

Knowing the fate a few count remain
Nothing to lose or anything to gain

                                                       Born to shine though for a brief
                                                      Just to accept the fate without grief 

                                                       How contented that would be?
                                                       Holding symbol of sea within me?
                                                                                   Oh only if I can…
                                                                                     live a life of dew

A Dew :
If only I can live a life of robin
To ride in the breast of mighty sky
To wear the pride of higher fly
The journey made with wind  
The freedom gifted with kind
Imprisoned dream disparate for a grace  
The magic that turns alive is yet to trace
What a wonderful life could be?
Live like a mighty life within thy?
Oh only if I can…

                                                Live a life of a little bird  


2 thoughts on “A Little Bird & Morning Dew!!

Add yours

  1. if only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……

    If only I was a bird
    not knowing any boundaries
    If only I was a Dew
    falling without anybody knowing
    The feel of not Knowing
    Not letting anybody know
    hidden yet visible
    tantalizingly lingering as a connoisseur
    yearning for more
    If only I was a dew
    If only I was a bird.


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