From the journal of an Alchemist!!!!

I’m an Alchemist. Not the one who can transform the rock to gold, but the one who can do many things that can’t be done by a normal being. Before I became Alchemist, I was a normal being, who never bothered to follow any dreams and just to live a life.
Then one day a thunder destroyed my ordinary life, from then I always heard the whispers of dreams, they started following me everywhere. The summary of whispers was there was the gift from heaven, buried in the deep ocean of fear, guilt, conflicts. The dreams wanted me to set it free and accept it and returned they assured that I would be free from all my suffering. 
But I was afraid for another chance I was too lazy to follow any dreams and cared to think apart from my daily routine. Also I was haunted by shadow of the thunder that once destroyed my life. I was trying to get rid of the dreams, I tried to do all the things that I thought of to made it vanish but in vain.The dreams kept bugging me all the time, everywhere. And in later stage it was so huge impact in my life that I neither could sleep in the nights and nor I could concentrate on my work in days.
One fine day I thought enough was enough and I went for visit a witch who was very famous; I heard that she was very powerful. She knew  all the tricks and traps to control dreams. But she disappointed me saying she could not help me on this because my dreams were very strong than her magical power.
I was totally depressed and broken to hear that. I left with no hopes, seeing my condition the witch suggested me another solution, for that I was not ready at all. She wanted to me become an ALCHEMIST. I was puzzled. How could a normal person like me be an Alchemist?
The witch smiled and revealed that everyone in this world is an Alchemist. They need to just acknowledge it. Every human comes to this world with a purpose and a gift. The gift enhance him to fulfill his purpose. She explained further that there were different kinds of Alchemist in this world, one of them who have learnt to transform a rock to gold.
I asked how gold could help me on this. I never wanted to be Alchemist, all I wanted to get my life back.
She smiled again and explained I have all the ability to be an Alchemist, but not to transformed the rock to gold but to transform the fear, guilt and conflict to courage, strength and happiness. And that was why the dreams were following me to deliver the message, to show my destiny. I began to understand the meaning of the whispers of dreams, I was no longer afraid of them. They were became my guide, my companion for my present life.  They know what I needed to do to fulfill my purpose and how to achieve it. The witch not only gave me vision but  also made me understand the reason for my life.  
Thus, a new journey has began. I became an Alchemist; my work is to transform all negativity to positive. This is not an easy task at all. But each day I make sure that I go forward one step towards my gift. And a long way to go……
                                                                               ~ The End ~ 

Note: This post is inspired by “The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho”. My tribute to him, for inspiring me to live the life and enjoy the challenges.

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9 thoughts on “From the journal of an Alchemist!!!!

  1. Nice one dear. This one really giving us a vision to lit out hope even in darkness, make ourselves strong enough to believe self and enjoy the hidden happiness which Life has stored within it.

    Keep writing. Your stories are really inspiring and heart touching. Sometimes i see shades of my past in your lines…. which just melts my heart.

    I wish everyone to became an ALCHEMIST like you and conquer the fear & darkness in life.
    Life will shower love and happiness once we learn to bed upon thorns of problems in our life.


  2. Very well written.Your writing includes a lot of motivating stufff.There is a bright light at the end of each tunnel.Every person when comes across the tunnel in his life..needs to have a lot of courage, strength and faith which mostly ppl lose slowly on the way..Your writing gives that boom again to the lost hearts and revive their spirits.keep it up


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