Dream Vs. Reality

Photo by Auritri Basu

Reality: I represent the facts that I know for sure, you can feel me through your senses. I’m fact and visible, I’m reality. 
Dream: I live in imaginary world, I’m form of future, hope for worse reality. With me the world look beautiful, with my imagination people live on and go on in life. I’m Dream. 
Reality: I’m no illusion, no confusion, just clear and plain. 
Dream: I add colors to life, I influence imagination to create joy in form of music, dance, novels & poems. I give relaxing emotions to human being.
Reality: Who stick to me and accept me totally will never get hurts. No much expectation and their plan are more concrete becoz they are based on reality. 
Dream: I have hopes for mistakes. I give them courage when the reality fails. 
Reality: Though I’m the most bare truth, my existence has no meaning without dreams. 
Dream: Though I might be most beautiful things in human’s mind but i have no existence without reality. 

We are Reality & Dream, we are part of every life in this earth, our co-existence make human life meaningful or purposeful.We are a complete  package that offer for free when a human born in this world. So dream and live in reality. Enjoy essence of life and be grateful to the creator. 

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