Where I belong…

I belong to the mountains,before I blessed with a life, I was lying the beneath; crying for a life to live, smell, taste, see, and to feel the happiness & pain.

The car was running through the highway, both side of the roads covered by nature. Rocks, trees and bushes. it looked like every one is rushing for a party, in hurry. While my friends were teasing each other, singing songs, laughing without any reasons, I sat back and enjoyed the moment. Nature and human both love to have fun. 

Visiting a new place is always good, it gives a freshness. The tension of packing, what to take and what to not, fear of missing the train, where to stay, what to eat.  You feel the fear, the tension and joy to discover a new place, people, memories and a new you. 

You release your deepest fear inside, the fear that haunt you all the time in your unconscious mind ‘Am I still loved and needed?’ Well, you will never be sure of those answers till you die yet those thoughts nag you through out your life, just like a ghost. 

Speed Break!!!!A sudden break of the car captured my attention, and gave a brake to my thoughts.  

‘Oh shit! That one close!’ said the driver. 

Now we are passing by a big mountain. I was watching the details. The colors of trees, the kind of rocks. Each rock was different from the others, they were standing proudly in their places, who know for know from how long? Just in silence they live the days and the nights, there was no difference for them as the sun and rain. Every thing seemed to be the same to them. 

We are still crossing the mountain, It seemed the mountain had no end or was it was moving with us? Suddenly i felt a presence of life of mountain, my heart started to beat fast, I felt its  gaze at me and wanted to communicate with me. The started to take heavy breath…..  

Suddenly I heard a voice within but i know it was the mountain that was speaking to me…. ‘Heay, I think I know you, you were belong to us, remember?? You lived here for many years, before you decided to be in a human form. How is life out there? Is that beautiful as it was here? Do you living life or just passing by? Do you wish to comeback? Are you peace?? Are you??? Are……… ’ I felt like I m moving deep with the mountain so where the place I belong. I feel the peace, the joy and greatness of life, I started thinking, from where I came? Where I’m going? And if the answer is ‘to only live the life’ then everything else become so secondary. We don’t have to fear the future or carry the past regrets, neither worry about losing or gaining anything in this world. 

Slowly the voice disappeared and I again felt the breeze thats coming over from the car’s window, giggle of my friends, sound of engine…. suddenly the life around me became so alive or I became more awake of life?  A mystery calmness surrounded me and I felt cold like a touch of life awaking me from the dream of unaware….. 

I opened my eyes saw a smile and heard saying ‘now your turn, sing.’ 

~~ The End~~

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5 thoughts on “Where I belong…

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  1. Nice writing. Truely saying the journey of life is not possible to describe in words. One can only feel and experience it. Its beyond description.

    But you must keep up your writings, as this give the charm back to them who have no time to feel it in practical.


  2. Nice story. Enjoy the journey of life. I learned from my past that our surrounding do response us the way we command out heart. When u feel happy u shall find heaven all around and when u r sad u shall love to hate all around. Life is too short to find reasons to be unhappy and get entangled with emotions. Live up, wake up, explore, enjoy and keep spreading love and happiness.


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