Way to Shamshabad International Airport, Hyderabad.

Way to Shamshabad International Airport, Hyderabad.

Thought: Sometime it seems the roads are so beautiful to walk; but who knows people who walked through this way carried what in their mind and heart? Walking with a happy mind in a tough road is more better than walking in a beautiful road with heavier heart… 

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2 thoughts on “Way to Shamshabad International Airport, Hyderabad.

  1. We all live in 2 worlds at a time – inner world and outer world. What is happening in our inner world has a much bigger impact on deciding how we feel than what's happening in the outer world. That is why, sometimes when there is absolute turmoil in world around us, we feel some kind of inner strength giving us serenity, while other times, while sitting in the most beautiful garden too we fail to feel so.


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