Blogger Meet 11-Apr-10 @ Hyderabad

My wish came true when I got an email from IndiBlogger about this meet. Me and my sister were there little early and got a warm welcome from IndiBlogger Team. It was well arranged and  taken care of all comforts the attendees.

I was amazed with the creativity of the IndiBloggers team. The video clip was awesome especially when Hitler was trying run away in burqa.

And then 30 secs of fame started. I was nervous and not good with my words in public, but I tried thanks a lot for bearing me. It was nice to met all the creative bloggers with their unique ideas.

I liked most the Live and Let Comment session but I could able to meet only few bloggers and it was really a shorter session for me.

The Quiz session was good enough though I couldn’t answer a single one… but got few amazing information about blogging.

After doing lots of mind exercise with no result I was depressed but the food saved my energy! LOLZ….

Altogether it was an excellent experience, nice to meet like minded people and hope we will continue to meet.

My special thanks to IndiBlogger Team and Univer Cell for all their efforts. Hats off to you ALL.

And yes, I loved the T-Shirt.. THANKS AGAIN.

Happy blogging… !!!

Thanks for dropping by!

10 thoughts on “Blogger Meet 11-Apr-10 @ Hyderabad

  1. yeah.. even i feel that the time given for the comments activity was short.. see.. we haven't even interacted with each other.. may be, with 130+ bloggers attending a meeting, 3 hours will not be a good time…


  2. Happy blogging indeed!! 🙂
    Wish events like this happens more often!
    I was amazed by the fact that of the 150+ bloggers who came, I knew none! 😦 this world is not a small place for sure 🙂


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