In a lonely night!

In a lonely night, with all my memories,
Memories that not become a reality yet,
Memories that my senses are not aware yet.

But still I called them as memories not dreams,
As I know I will meet you one day,
And you’ll fill me with these memories.

It is a circle of meeting and being getting apart,
Ours souls were, are and will be here for eternity.

So in a lonely night I make all new memories,
With a touch of moon shine and petals of flower,
A Song of the little bird and drops of the first rain.

And after days of longing when I meet you,
Under stars, beyond reach of this world ,
With the witness of thousand galaxies
I give my heart, my memories to you
With all my desire, love and care

And that day my dear,
Love will release all bitterness from life like they never exist.

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