Unlimited knowledge.

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Every human is gifted with unlimited knowledge, but it is accessible to them who willing to achieve it. 

For example you have lots of money in the bank. When needed, you go to back and take the amount of money you need. But to get the money you also need to know all the information like where is the bank located and what is the procedure to take your money out.

Similarly you need to know the route to open the unlimited knowledge box that is within you. Every one has their unique way to achieve it. It can be achieved by meditation, by ritual, by prayer or just by realization that allow yourself to accept it without fear.

And you can know the secret of this world, universe and the reason why you born.   

So next time if you think you have no way, then think again look within and you find the answers are already there. But also remember, the answers are not necessary as pleasant one as you wanted but the answer that you need or require for your life time. A lesson to learn. 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Unlimited knowledge.

  1. True. That is why they say 'Knowledge is power.' We are all so tuned to be materialistic in this world that the knowledge in its intangible form does not seem to hold any value. But teh value remains in the immense power gained out of that knowledge. Good post. Thanks.


  2. Very true dear and I agree with you. But the biggest problem is our own sorroundings. Whenever we tries to find out something different, some or the other obstacle will arise there to prevent us doing so. As per me, the most important is how we are overcoming that obstacle without disturbing much our present & the people around us. To say “keeping a perfect balance”.


  3. hi … if problem is with us…solution is also with us. Sad part is that most of the people can find out the prblems…but not solutions.. only a few can do it. God has given us life. problems, we have created and asking God to solve them. Are we puzzle makers?


  4. Hey Writer Moti,

    I would love to think otherwise. There are few funny questions. ll be happy if U dont laugh.

    1. If everything is done by the wish of the almighty, then the problems are not the exceptions. If the problems are made by the God, then why we will try to look for a solution ?
    Please dont laugh on my foolish question.

    2. If every question has an answer withing, then my question is “what is the fault of those people who are dying everyday in the name of terrorism or any kind of cruelty? We may say that its the fault of some people, but whats the real fault of the people who died at that moment?”

    pls pls….dont laugh on my foolishness…..


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