An evening with inner thoughts.

I want to remember the moment in my life when my mind was peaceful; not worried about IF, NOT, BUTS etc. More like a peaceful pilgrim who was just experiencing the beauty of the journey. Hummm am I getting into spirituality? May be or may be not, its just part of “my thoughts” or rather to say “part of me”.

Some time it’s so difficult to put the feeling into words that you are actually feeling inside and living them. Example the way I was feeling the peace, the contentment, somewhere I was feel completeness with myself. When my mind and heart was in the same place, agreeing for a same decision without conflicts or complain. But see, my problems were still there, my situation never changed but my mind stopped calculating things for a while.

Isn’t it a wonderful things to learn? to be in peace? to be happy rather than with conflicts and complains? It is always wise to not to fight with 100 times big enemy without preparation.

That evening gave me strength to face all the conflicts and showed me how to live in peace…..

And I have learnt learning is nothing but realization that you already know…


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