Lost Dream !

When the Lost Dream was discovered…
It was on the harbor counting the surfs,
Playing hide and seek with clouds,
Reading silently the whole sky… 

The dream that once thrown and forbidden, 
in a despair moment, 
in the forsake forest.

Days passed by…

The days of cold and heat, 
The days of blooms and yellow leafs, 

Then one day,

After a blessed rain,
Warmth of earth transformed the sky into rainbow,
The hearts blessed with the magic colors,

Hope bridged the link between reality and fantasy.
With a new faith; the prisoner soul of Pleasure Jail,
Spread his wings for freedom,
And landed in edge of Neptune’ kingdom.

The great ocean greeted and offered for an adventurous sail…
Challenged to conquered the death.. 
And on the verge of accepting it.. 

Lost Dream appeared 
And confront with a smile 
‘I was waiting for you so long…’ 

By Dipa Rani

6 thoughts on “Lost Dream !

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  1. the Power, the Fight, the Will – give wings to your Dream.

    does not matter if you can't fly, but your Dreams will make you fly.

    Well written!! But I am wondering about the use of special characters here. Few just threw my attention somewhere else, away from the lines.


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