I Am

A flower, a morning dew, the grace that always flow
A bright star or a dark hallow that you never wish to know
A tear, a pain,  a despair that you never desire
Also a faith, a smile, a hope that count on your prayer
A fire, a ice or the air that you breath and live
Sometime bad but a friend that one should keep 
The world, the dream, the imagination that has no limit
Also a dust, a drop or nothing to be taken from or submit
A sky, a galaxies, a mystery that you can’t solve
A stream, an ocean, a path that has many curve
A sun, a moon and the stars that shine high upon the sky
Or a mermaid, Cinderella or a fairy that granted wishes and fly

I’m neither illusion nor real……

I’m… I just am…. 

6 thoughts on “I Am

  1. As a literary peice of work its awesome.It can be considered either as an ode to the Almighty, Omnipotent or Narcissist; Anyway there is a mirror image difference between the two(like..LIVE/EVIL)..so lets leave it to the perspective of reader's.
    However I'll go with the former one.
    Good work Deepz…Keep it up
    God bless u


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