Once love came from no where,
Appeared to me so real….

The color of the sky was pleasant,
Winds were more gentle and lenient.

Sure signs for arrival of blooming season,
My heart went along with the celebration.

A pale mysterious voice whispered…

A caution or congratulation?

It brought the passion, magic slides
Along with dreamy songs, moon walks….

Eyes were sparking with unknown light,
Presence of love contented my day and night.

My flowers of the garden forgotten to weep,
My book of sadness went for a deep sleep.

Days became more promising and welcoming,

Obsession or reality?

Then love disappeared like never there,
left with the promise of forever care…

Only when I noticed the color of falls were already arrived,
My treasure boxes were empty without love, dreams, and pride.

But for sake of heart- breaks how many souls ever died?
Rather they became Master of their own after paid the price.

Seasons were temporary, changes were so certain but life was only one.

To live or to die.

5 thoughts on “Season.

  1. Hi lamp and with this you really are the one who took me into past and ahowed me my life. This is exactly my life and it beautyfully touched there where all these emanations happen. And I think it is true of everybody. Thanks


  2. Nice one dear..

    Kotota shotti.. jani na.. but remember sm'where it is true… but upto certain extend.. aaj jotota mone korte pari.. sei niyei bolchi..

    But surely nicely thought out…


  3. Hey, Ameya here.

    I liked your poem. What I liked about it: the pace of flow of things, the description of the phases and an underlying message of positiveness. I think this poem will make every person see a reflection of his own past.

    Just a suggestion, if you don't mind. At some points the poem feels too straight, I mean, like a prose as against a poem. If you can increase the poetic touch a bit more then I feel this will sound like one of the poems which are included in textbooks to study.


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