Lion and A Little Bird.

Once there was a LION who was dejected in life because all his subjects had become self sufficient because the LION believed in empowering his subjects. But most of them started ignoring the LION because they thought that now that they had his knowledge, they were either his equivalent or greater than the LION. So the LION was so lost as to what he was to do henceforth and was feeling totally unwanted and rejected.

As the LION was walking out of his jungle to go elsewhere he saw a tiny bird with a broken wing in the way. The bird shiverred when it saw the LION coming towards it and started telling its final prayers assuming that the LION was going to kill it and eat it.

The LION took pity when he saw this tiny thing and told itself that maybe he would just help the tiny bird till it could stand on its feet and fly and then walk out of the jungle. So the LION took care of the little bird and began to heal its hurt. All the deep rooted pain he showed the bird how to mend each one and come out being stronger. The tiny bird and the LION thus began their walk. While the LION was teaching, the BIRD was learning. And while they were walking together the bird gave the LION something that he craved for which was LOVE, RESPECT, and a REASON for the LION to exist. The LION also loved the company of the bird and grew very attached to the bird so much so that he began to love the tiny bird very very deeply and looked forward to her companionship. But the LION also knew that one day the walk could end when the Bird became fully well and decided to fly away and join its kind. The LION was very aware of this and yet his love grew knowing that one day the inevitable would happen and he would be again left alone to walk on by himself to whereever his maker lead him.

Slowly the tiny bird started to heal itself or all its hurts. The bird learnt from the LION ways and means to become stronger. Sometimes the LION directly applied a cure or most of the times the LION just empowered the tiny BIRD to find the cure and apply it. The bird was so happy in the presence of the LION and loved t spend most of its time with the LION. The bird to began to love the LION deeply and wanted to spend the rest of its life with the LION always together.

But then there were always obstacles, the bird was not a LION. nor was the LION a bird. But this did not keep them from enjoying each other to the fullest giving all that they had for each other. Always thinking of the other and growing in Love for the other so much so that even the brief time that the bird went out for its food or the LION went out hunting for food was an agonizing period for both of them because they wanted to be together always. The LION was also growing older day by day and as the bird was healing itself well was afraid that the bird would leave it and was wondering whether it had strength to continue its walk alone. But as it always realised, its maker was always there to give it strength. The LION then understood that this was a gift from GOD to be treasured as long as it was with him and not to hinder it if it ever wanted to go away because gifts are freely given with no strings attached and so one had no right to expect that the gift was to used only in any certain way nor could any demand be made on the gift as it was just that — A GIFT.

So the LION began to accept the gift and enjoyed it, thankfull to god for sending such a lovely gift.

The bird was slowly healing itself of all the deep wounds that it had been carrying since it was born and was also learning to see Life differently and slowly began to be so much more positive.

Then came the fateful day when the bird was completely healed or so it thought..It was in a dilemma as to what to do because it loved its KING but all its kind were telling it that there was no future in it being with the LION and that it would just die a lonely death without its kind being near it. They also kept on telling it that it needed the company of its kind.

The LION also knew about this dilemma and also told the tiny BIRD to do as it pleased but to use the wisdom that it had got during the time it had been with the LION. The LION also to help the bird told it that the bird needed its own kind to spend the rest of its life in security as the LION did not know what the future held for it

So the bird listened to everyone including the LION and then thought and contemplated on this for a long time. The bird then got ready and started its flight and flew high above the jungle so that it could get a BIRD’s eye view of the place and of everything there…

AND ………………………………………….

Note : Yet to finish the story, any better ideas?

One thought on “Lion and A Little Bird.

  1. Sometime it doesn’t matter how long u stay with ur loved ones what matters is how u stay n treat you loved ones, its like being happy for sometime rather being sad for whole life..


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