Lost Dream !

Finally the Lost Dream was discovered…
Was on the harbor counting the surfs,
Playing hide and seek with clouds,
Reading silently the whole sky…

Days passed by…

Then one day,
After a rain, warmth of earth transformed the sky into rainbow,
Hearts blessed with the magic colors,
Hope bridged the link between reality and fantasy.
With a new faith; the prisoner soul of Pleasure Jail,
Spread his wings for freedom,
and landed the kingdom of Neptune.

The great ocean greeted and offered for an adventurous sail…
And suddenly Lost Dream appeared with a smile ‘Was waiting for you so long…’

10 thoughts on “Lost Dream !

  1. @ Citiding…. thank you for you appreciation. Hope I will making feel you this way..

    @ Indrajit… Thank you dear..

    @ Olimpia.. Nice to know that.. hope you enjoyed my poem.


  2. dear Naina, Grand Poem , well expressed.But i would like to add an idea to the concept.I believe that no dreams are lost.Dreamers live for eternity.All dreams are an integral part of the fabric of humans they reflect our hopes and we live because of them


  3. @ Sam : Thank you.. 🙂

    @ Biswajit: You can check my bangali poem on this concept at http://deeparani.blogspot.com.

    @ Kumudini, Kalicharan : Dream never lost, but sometime we forget about it. And it just vanished for a while, once again in different path of life suddenly we find it and it always wait for us to discover.

    That was the theme of my poem.. 🙂


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