Call of Destiny

In his soul he realized it was the darkest of many nights. To him the world and even God’s soul was filled with suffering. Why the soul had to suffer, why had to go through all bad phrase of life? His questions left with no answers. He felt empty inside. A hunger about the answers made him so restless. His sleepless nights were more often. Was this a sign to move ahead in a different direction? He had to search for the answers. He understood it was not possible in this palace with his safety zone. He had to unchain himself from the all bounds and leave this palace. He had to leave everything. Everything? He looked at wife and son who were in a deep sleep. He had everything one man wished for a kingdom, a beautiful wife and a blessed son, but nothing seemed to be more important for him than the answers. And he made a final decision….

Prince Siddhartha left his family and his palace with all the riches at the age of 29 in search for enlightenment and his destiny. He became Buddha at the age of 35.

– Deepa, 04.06.08

7 thoughts on “Call of Destiny

  1. Interestingly, most of the eastern gods are kings and mythology seems to be stories about kings.For example Rama was a king,Krishna was a king and so was Buddha.Well I gotta ask you couple of questions don't u think that in the quest of true wisdom buddha escaped the responsibility of being a father and husband??
    second, he denounced everything that a man aspires for but remember he had everything at his behest right from the begaining so he didn't have to struggle for anything. so, where is the God for common man, the poor people??
    the god who struggles through.well sweety its one thing to sit in a castle and talk about the struggles of common man and its another thing where you live being a common person;where you have to struggle for towards meeting the minutest of your need. If the alibi is to put the onus on the so called existance of KARMA then we need GOD with whom we can relate to;the god of common people, the poor man's GOD…otherwise words of morality by great souls will continue to be ornament of scripture and we'll continue to 'live' or may be mirror image of the word is 'evil'.


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