While walking along a path.

While walking along a path, a path I don’t know who decided for me, I set out on my journey to find my destiny.” Although the path seemed lonely and joyless I decided not to quit, I would walk forward, and not look back. I met many interesting people. Some inspired memories of joy and some inspired the worst memories

After a while I gather all these memories. My soul became tired and wounded, and my dreams were shattered. I thought everything over but I could see no way out. I could only see darkness, scars and hurt. I was afraid of the unknown and ready to surrender to death.

Then suddenly I heard music, a rhythm of life that stirred my heart. It taught my heart not to give up, but to keep walking, this was not the end. From then on I felt I was not alone, that someone unseen, always accompanied me, but I could not understand.

This someone also shared my pain and my happiness. This someone didn’t give up on me, as I did. This someone was like a light dawning from the darkness of night, the name was Hope.

I learned that this someone appeared as friends. To some as Love and to some as God. To me it was a Miracle which helped me to understand my reason for being here and showed me my destiny. Amen.

– By Deepa

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