Love makes people beautiful. It always makes feel happy. A feeling, you are precious, needed by some one and someone special. Its add charm in your face. Life seems to be beautiful and easier.
You need someone to love in special way, to make you cool on your tough days. When you are wrong when you are buried by yourself in guilt, just to feel, in this world, someone is there to understand, want to share your pain and forgive your mistakes and accept as you are. Like I can say ‘YOUR SOUL PROVIDER’ (a famous song)

Its really doesn’t matter the distance nearer or far, but can always feel the warm love inside your heart. And feel protected and safe.

So, if you get love don’t miss. Try to make your relation strong.
But always remember nothing is permanent in this world.
Life changes, world changes, mind changes, don’t feel bad if anything goes wrong.
Feel happy that it’s happened… you have sweet memories till with you, they never die until you want…

-Deepa (22nd Aug’ 07)

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