Nice to see your wonderful mail and I can feel the warmth of your love. To experience what you wrote would make me extremely happy, beyond words. What you wrote near the end is contentment. Only I wouldn’t talk about my throat infection. We may not even speak much at all. There would be no need to talk about sad things or unfulfilled dreams. They would have no room in my mind or my heart. You could ask to tell you about my unfulfilled dreams. And then I would say, I had no room in my heart for those thoughts. My heart is filled now, with you. My dreams are now. This is my dream. You could ask, to tell you about all my painful memories. Then I would say, you have healed them all. And the coffee would probably get cold. Then you might want to make another cup of coffee for me then I would stop you and say you are my coffee.
Rest….later when we meet.

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