amar tumi

Chand-er aloye bheeje-jawa sikto rojoni
Samudrer dheu-te tomai hariye abar pawar tripti
Amar sopon-er rajanigondaye subashito singdha gagan
Aar chulbuli dokhina batash
Sudhu anke-chole onoboroto amar durbar asha ‘TUMI’

3 thoughts on “amar tumi

  1. hi deepa,really something is there in ur poems thats drilled my heart, i really want to know u better,hey don,t think thati am flirting with u,think itssomething like,me standing in front of u placing my hand for frndship towards u.Its ur wish that u will hold my hand or will go neglecting me,my mail id is Even i sent u a frnd request frm orkut in the name of Arnav Bhatt.

    Wait korchi kintu tomar respose aer jonno.

    Hopes are there to be ur frnd.



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