Sabai dekhe tomar bedona
Ami dekhi tomar dhorjo

Sabai dekhe tomar biroho
Ami dekhi tomar prem

Sabai dekhe tomar Agni Parikha
Ami dekhi tomar atut atto biswas

Sabai dekhe tomar prati Ramer abohela
Ami dekhi tomar prati Ramer morjada

Tumi kono motei abola nari nao
Tumi se joti jar jonnon Ram aaj Purushouttam….

6 thoughts on “Sita…

  1. YES u have depicted the bare truths about women… alwaus viewd the weekness , and sad parts of the life ..but the people forget that the same women is the symbol of love, integrity,dhorjyo…yes a women is not help lesss she is always a sybol of strength ..becuse only thorogh her only today ” RAM IS PURPOOTTAM”

    great deepa jeee
    its really grat work from ur side

    May god bless u always….hmmmm gooooood i felt like reallly wondergful…..goood

    keep it up

    Asst prof HR


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