Do I miss you!

  Do I miss you? Missing would be a wrong word, it is more than missing, something like huge time loss, years spent on grief, but most what was eating me was the defeat. Losing to another, my kind, a woman. And that is how I lost it!   It could have been better, if... Continue Reading →

Love that lives..

Remembered an incident from my college days, that times dying for love was a famous concept. There was a boy who was very insecure who fell for a mature girl. Both had shared some beautiful moments. But the girl had to relocate somewhere other town with family. Knowing the love might not last in distance,... Continue Reading →


-What is magic? -When you were standing on top of the mountain and looked around. You saw a tiny village, clouds were crossing the huge amber field. Blue sky above with half hidden sun. A soothing breeze, was playing with lost kite. And above all you experience a silence. You were at peace. Then a... Continue Reading →

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